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Zuberance.comSelf-described as an “enterprise social software commerce software”, Zuberance is a solution that has the aim of turning loyal customers into an active volunteer salesforce. In practice, Zuberance enables any company to identify the customers that are pleased the most and then mobilize them in order to boost sales and amplify word of mouth recommendations.


This sales acceleration solution automatically identifies highly-satisfied customers and equips them with the tools for advocating and promoting your brand and its services. For instance, reviews written by said individuals are indefectibly good, and Zuberance publishes them automatically in popular sites such as Facebook and so on. In addition to that, this social commerce solution fosters interaction between advocates and let them met the ones with whom they share the most ground in common.

Another aspect that merits mentioning is that Zuberance allows brand fans to provide you with real-time feedback and ideas for furthering your existing product line.

In any case, the provided Brand Advocate Management Portal makes for the instant management of advocates and the tracking of results in real-time.

As a conclusion, this is a well-focused initiative that truly puts the wisdom of crowds to good use. Consider paying the site a visit in the event you want to try a different approach to the marketing of your products. In Their Own Words

“Zuberance’s proven On-Demand software turns your best customers into a Volunteer Salesforce, cost-effectively boosting sales.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct and cogent way to put the wisdom of crowds to good use.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? How customizable is it?


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