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The Lean App Toolkit – Your Key To Building An App People Want

The Lean App Toolkit provides entrepreneurs with instructions for building an app that people actually want to use.

KiasuPromos – The Promo And Deals King Of Singapore And Beyond

With KiasuPromos, Singapore is the doorway to savings and discounts online for goods and services throughout the world.

The Big Myth: Payroll Is Confidential. And How To Avoid It Damaging Your Company

How information is handled has a profound impact on your company.

Veeplay – Meet the Future of Video Technology

Veeplay is “the most advanced player for in-app video monetization.”

Finally, Quibus Makes Deals Easy And Great For Everyone

Quibus is an app on a mission to make finding merchants and booking appointments seamless and timely.

How to Avoid Annoying Customers on Your Email List

People sign up for your email list for a variety of reasons. The most popular methods to build lists today revolve around giveaways and freebies. If someone signs up for your list to get a free eBook, the first thing you do shouldn’t be asking for money.

The Secret to Setting Your Small Business Rates Perfectly

Setting your rates is one of the trickiest parts of being a Small Business Owner. When it comes to freelance rates, there is no standard. Part of the perk of being your own boss is charging what works specifically for you.

7 Ways to Use Your Breaks at Work More Effectively

Not all breaks are created equal. What you do with your breaks, and how you take them, matters. Before you decide that you need to take a ton of breaks throughout the day, you need to know how to use them more effectively.

Designhill – Growing The World’s Largest Graphic Design Marketplace

Designhill is a fast growing graphic design marketplace that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs source high-quality custom designs at affordable prices.

5 Tips for Strengthening Your Personal Brand

Here are five things you can do to take your brand to the next level.