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Clear Makes Sure Your Past Won’t Bite You In The…

We all have embarrassing stuff out there on social media. Get rid of it with Clear.

Collect All The Lovely Places And Travel Plans With Spottly

Spottly is a sweet little travel app that helps you keep track of all the shiny places.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

If you can’t beat the summer heat, join us for the KillerStartups Roundup, where everyone sweltering under the startup spotlight looks much, much cooler.

Avoid Major Fails When You Travel With FailPop

Travel is full of peril – you’re pretty much guaranteed to make an ass of yourself. FailPop takes that likelihood down from 100% to around 50%.

Readers, Rejoice! BookFusion Has Free eBooks And Great Recommendations

Who DOESN’T want free ebooks?? Sign up for BookFusion and get reading today.

Want To Eat Only The Best? Find Out What Chefs Recommend With ChefsFeed

Drop the “wisdom” of the crowd for recommendations you can really sink your teeth into with ChefsFeed.

If You Want To Snag Those “Walk-In” Customers, It’s Time To Engage

Don’t lose money by letting customers abandon your site because they can’t figure out what’s up. It’s time to Engage.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Trusted Makes Child Care Easy So Parents Can Feel Human (Sane) Again

Worried about leaving the kids with a babysitter? Trusted will save parents’ nerves and wallets.

Things Might Get Weird With StrangerBot

Miss the randomness of the AOL chat room days? Get a little bit of that magic back with StrangerBot.

Tired Of Online Dating? Maybe You Need To Be More Baesic

Online dating sucks, but with the new dating app Baesic, it sucks a little bit less.