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Abhisi – The Hassle-free Help Desk For Everyone

Finding help should be simple. With Abhisi, it finally is.

Bandy – Get What You Want By Bartering

No need to buy new. Barter for everything your heart desires on Bandy.

Keep Tabs On Family With Selfies, Not Stalking, With 99check

How do you learn the location of family members and know that they’re safe, without turning into a crazy parent stalker? 99check, that’s how.

BeSpecular – A Truly Visionary App

BeSpecular is a great tool that lets sighted people easily help the blind.

A New Player Is About To Change Medical Research – Healthfundit

No, medical research is not immune to the influence of politics and money. Healthfundit puts sound science back in the driver’s seat when it comes to funding projects – with help from the crowd.

Fiddleback Outpost Is One Sharp Looking Business

Fiddleback Outpost sells the exceptional knives crafted by Fiddleback Forge, and shows us why the Internet is amazing.

Waffle Is All About Rousing Live Events

Waffle is a messaging app for live events that makes the crowd star of the show.

GoToMyQB – Effortlessly Find Data You Need In QuickBooks

Does QuickBooks feel like a closed vault of information? GoToMyQB has the key –simple and fast search from any browser.

Find Flight Deals You Couldn’t Have Dreamed Of Before, At

Dread flying? That shouldn’t be the case. Find discounted, business class flight tickets at

Ready To Grow? Growthority Will Get You There Faster

So you’ve heard about this thing called “growth hacking,” but you’re not quite sure how to do it. No worries – Growthority does.