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4 Financial Habits That Build Personal Wealth

Follow these four financial habits that will help you build personal wealth.

5 Social Security Rules That Are Changing in 2017 and What They Mean

This impacts so many Americans, around 61 million to be precise, here are five social security rules that are changing in 2017 and that may affect you.

Nudge – Use AI To Build Relationships And Grow Sales

Nudge is an AI-powered platform that solves key challenges in building sales relationships.

Lead Assign – The Easiest, Simplest Way To Route Leads To The Most Applicable Agents

Lead Assign is “the most intelligent lead-routing system available”, automatically doling out leads to the right agents.

Dealing with Taxes as a Business Owner

As a business owners, taxes can be a tough responsibility to handle. Between tracking your business finances, filing the right tax forms, and actually paying what you owe, taxes are a lot of work. But planning ahead and knowing your basic tax obligations is not too big of a challenge to wrap your arms around.

Meet The Next Evolutionary Step In The On-Demand Ride Industry: E-Fleet

The world’s first airport-based electric vehicle ride-hailing fleet, E-Fleet, helps aspiring UBER and LYFT drivers earn more money.

Why Freelancers Should have a Paid Time Off Fund

No matter how much you love your work, eventually everyone needs time off and a weekend does not always do the job.

How Spending Money Can Actually Help You Save Money

When money is tight and you’re focused on beefing up your savings, the...

Handing Off A Project from a Freelancer to an Internal Tech Team

It is common for companies of all sizes to hire freelancers in the modern...

Thinking About A Tattoo? Want To Wear A Beautiful,Temporary Tattoo? Tattapic Is For You

Tattapic will turn any picture into the most realistic, longest lasting, temporary tattoo.