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Turn Gmail Into A Collaboration Tool With GrexIt

You already have Gmail open all day anyway. Why not turn it into an awesome team collaboration tool with GrexIt?

This Week’s Best In Beta: Insightico – Here’s A Smarter Way To Choose Your Retail Location

Oops, didn’t realize the lot next door was slated for construction for the next five years? Find the perfect retail location with Insightico.

What To Do If You Were Exposed In The Ashley Madison Hack

Worried about your very personal information being exposed in the Ashley Madison hack? This site can help.

Tasty Startups:  Traveling Spoon – Get Off The Eaten Path Immediately!

Don’t you always wonder what it would be like to eat in someone’s home when you travel? Dine in – with a local! –  through Traveling Spoon for an unforgettable, delicious meal.

Here’s How To Never Write A Terrible Email Again

Contactually’s email template generator will make sure that your emails are always on point.

Wanna Chat With A Stranger? It’s Time To SayMore

SayMore is a new app that connects you via phone with strangers around the world.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Better security for startups, cooking lessons around the world, and the end to email misfires. Is it a bird, a plane? Look up, here comes the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.

Open For Humans – Designs That Infuse Branding With High Art

For everything from branding to the furniture in your startup office, Open For Humans creates designs that both inspire and grow business.

Make Sure Your Site’s Loading Time Is Faster Than The Competition’s

Website Speed Ranker will let you know if your competitors are kicking your butt when it comes to loading time.

This Fashion App Makes Shopping Oh So Easy

Looking for that one special item? Check out Donde Fashion.