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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Is there something you want to see made? Request it. Can’t find the flight board in the airport? Check your phone. Stuck in a rut? Take a class. Watch as the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup pulls scarf after scarf out of its sleeve…

Sleep Through The Night With This White Noise App

If you’re searching for a full night of deep sleep, the White Noise app by TMSOFT can help.

Connect2Classes – A Smart Way To Find Classes That Are Right For You

Learning is fun. Progressing in your career through professional development is fun. And now, finding the right classes is also a lot more enjoyable thanks to Connect2Classes.

Your Email Missing Something? Here’s How You Boost Your System To Critical GMass

Rather than join the mob complaining about email, make Gmail work better for you with easy mass mailing thanks to GMass.

With Transit App, Commuting Just Got Exponentially Better

Commuting via public transit can be a serious hassle. Make it so much easier with Transit App.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Rex – You’ll Never Have To Wait At The Pharmacy For A Prescription

With all of the subscription services and delivery services in operation, it’s unthinkable that we haven’t been able to receive medicine without leaving the house. Thankfully, prescription delivery service Rex has this one.

Looking For A Startup Idea? Check Out Request For Startup

Figuring out what your next startup should be isn’t easy. Get some ideas from Request For Startup.

Tasty Startups: Where Do Foodies Go To Church? Inside A Chef’s Home For Dinner, Feastly

Remember how much you loved “discovering” a band before they were known? This feels and tastes even better – eat with the next big chef in the chef’s home via Feastly.

MillionaireMatch – An Exclusive Dating Site For Wealthy Singles

MillionaireMatch helps the wealthy obtain those most elusive luxuries – satisfying dates and true love.

Digital Marketers, Listen Up! TidyMktr Is Going To Make Your Job So Easy

Tired of juggling a million different applications and programs in order to get your job done? Get TidyMktr and breathe a sigh of relief.