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Speed From Debt To Financially Fit With Debt Prodigy

Struggling to manage money? Stay financially fit and pay down debts with greater ease through the help of Debt Prodigy.

SquadSet – Keep Groups Focused On Fun And Off Of Managing

For sports leagues and groups activities to run well, people need to be able to communicate easily. SquadSet equips everyone with winning tools to better tackle management.

Mango Serves Up Only The Juiciest, Location-Based Deals

Great discounts and no distracting ads; marketing dollars wisely spent – Mango app gets local deals right.

Easily Find The Best Price On Anything In Town Through Trupenni

Knowing what you should pay for things is super easy with Trupenni, a location-based app for finding and sharing price information.

Data, What Have You Done For Me Lately? Citizenme Unlocks The Answers

Isn’t it about time that you know what your data says about you? Find out with citizenme.

ATryBox – An Ideal Platform For User Testing

User testing can be complicated and unrewarding for all involved. That was before ATryBox.

Do Believe the Hype

The Hype Magazine is an independent publication that covers everything from...

A Little Pick-Me Up

Pickasound – currently re-branding as Pick-Media – is a great...

Giving us Tingles

Tinggly is an experienced-based gift company. It allows recipients to choose...

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Selfie Mirror is a smart mirror that lets users take photographs of...