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intalyse Offers Affordable Solutions To Digital Marketing Woes

intalyse, a cloud-powered web crawler and SEO recommendations engine, offers solutions to all your digital marketing woes.

Hit The Courts And Gyms Like A Champ With A Trainers4me Sports Trainer

Race ya! Trainers4me makes it incredibly easy to get fit with the help of the right sports trainer.

This Week’s Best In Beta: PurchaseBox Stores Receipts So They’re Impossible To Lose

You’ll never hunt for a receipt ever again after you’ve downloaded PurchaseBox.

Planted Will Pay You To Find You A Job

Hey recent college grads! (And other job seekers.) Planted will help you to land the job of dreams and will pay you for the privilege.

Tasty Startups: MunchQuick Delivers All That We’d Ask Of Lunch

Fast, affordable and healthy lunch. It exists, and it’s called MunchQuick.

Find Out What Influenced Your Favorite Entrepreneurs With Bookstck

Bookstck brings you recommendations straight from the bookshelves of top, successful entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Startups, Here Are Those Big Business Partnerships You’ve Been Dreaming Of

If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level with partnerships with big brands and companies, it’s time to get Partnered.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Money back where it’s least expected, your very own personal assistant, a fantastic tool that’ll make big data work for you – all in the weekly roundup.

Knowledge is Power (And Money): Boost You Business With eCommerce Customer Analytics

Crowdstream, a new eCommerce customer analytics platform, gives you the knowledge you need to boost your business.

Graph Story – Grow Your Business On A Graph Database (Leaving The Work To Someone Else)

What can big data do for your company? Graph Story will tell you clearly.