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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Meetings arranged with one click, a new car brought to you when you call for roadside assistance, and a surefire way to stop squandering hours on Facebook. Mmm… roundup time! Shines A Free Reading Lamp On Marketing And Other Ebooks

Ready to become a marketing whizz? Jump to the front of the line to score fantastic ebooks on, a free marketplace launching this July.

Light Your BeerLamp! A New Beer App Makes Meeting Up Oh So Easy

Looking for friends to hang out with? Not sure where you want to go? Check out the new beer app, BeerLamp, for solutions to all those problems.

How Do You Turn Your Supporters Into A Loud & Ecstatic Crowd? Activatr

Activatr activates the crowd for any type of social media campaign, helping to raise awareness about a project or business.

Schedule Meetings With One Click With Meet By Sunrise

No one likes the back and forth and back and forth that is scheduling meetings. Get it done in one click with Meet by Sunrise.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Joule, It’s The End Of Car Ownership As We Know It

Joule is a startup that lets you enjoy all the benefits of having your own car, with amazing bonus perks – without all the bothers of ownership.

BucketFeet Is Like An Art Gallery On Your Toes

BucketFeet makes badass, comfortable shoes with original artists designs printed right on them.

Tasty Startups: Agrilicious. You’ll Only Eat Local After A Healthy Look Here

For starters, Agrilicious gives people a resource to find and eat fresh, local food at peak flavor. Yum.

Kick That Facebook Addiction With Timewaste Timer

Timewaste Timer will make you pay — in actual dollars — for your Facebook addiction.

Find Stylish Modest Clothing On ModLi

Whether you dress modestly because of your religion or just because that’s what you prefer, ModLi has what you’re looking for.