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Amen! RocoCPM Helps Churches Manage Projects

When it comes to project management, churches have needed some divine intervention. It’s arrived in the form of software: RocoCPM.

EveryWear Jacket – A Stylish, Tech Clothing Dream Come True

Dashing around the city, do you find yourself either always missing something or schlepping around way too many clothes? The EveryWear Jacket by Ad Maiora will have you smiling and styling.

RestList – Because Friends’ Reviews Matter Most

Stick with the restaurant recommendations of the people you trust – your friends! – and simplify a night out, using RestList.

Sola Is The World’s First Body Temperature Regulating Wearable

Are you one of those people who’s always cold? Or maybe you just live in a frigid place? Check out Sola, the world’s first body temperature regulating wearable.

SPHEER – 3D And AI Coming To An Operating System Near You

3D. VR operating system. Holographic interface. It’s here, and going to change the world of computing. It’s called SPHEER.

Ditch Bland Marketing Content For Only The Freshest Inspiration Found On Zest

Has finding valuable marketing content online become a hopeless chore? A Zest extension in Chrome will liven up your day.

Indulge Your Fashion Longings At Rock N Shop

Has the high fashion world has felt out of reach or uninspiring? Rock N Shop will change your mind.

Kodemango Is Here To Teach Kids How To Code

Coding is one of the most important skills to have these days – and Kodemango is making sure that kids around the world are learning how to do it.

5 Minutes With Iubenda Could Save Your Company Huge Legal Fees

Iubenda helps businesses create the privacy and cookie policies that they need affordably and quickly. No legal expertise required.

Share Your Family History Like Never Before On FamTribe

How many of us really know our families? FamTribe connects family members and closest friends and enables them to share stories with future generations.