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Hate Accounting? Leave The Numbers To Crunched

Rather focus on running your business than accounting? Of course you would! Crunched has your back, and your numbers.

VMPower – The Easy, Smart Way To Save On Your Cloud Bill

Does your cloud bill seem high for the apps you’re running? VMPower will tell you, and schedule the right sized virtual machines to run only when necessary so that you pay only for what you use.

Collegic Nav – Get Around College Campuses Quickly And Safely

No campus tour required. Easily find your way around college campuses using mobile app Collegic Nav.

Coverstory – Today’s Headlines at Usain Bolt Speed

Coverstory is a simple and easy-to-use tool for keeping up on today’s biggest news via iOS device.

Betterspot – Internet Security, Privacy And Freedom

Who wants to worry about online privacy or security? Or change their behavior according to where they’re located? No one. Betterspot simply makes life online better.

Synap – It’s Time To Get Smart About Seeing Your Customers

In the classic spirit of “work smarter, not harder” Synap makes it easier to manage customer relationships by aggregating data from email activity and apps used by many different teams, all in one place.

Tenta: Browse The Internet Safely, Privately And Conveniently

A private, encrypted browsing experience. It’s not too much to ask for, and Tenta delivers, big time.

Discover Local, No Matter Where You Are, With UrbanBird

Whether you’re in your hometown or a brand new city, it can be hard to find the best spots. UrbanBird is is the best way to discover what’s nearby!

Find Answers Faster On The WebReel Marketplace For Knowledge

Introducing the marketplace for knowledge. What Square did for the point-of-sale, WebReel is going to do for e-commerce.

EqualMesh – Networking That’s Equal Parts Social And Professional

Connections and opportunity go hand in hand. EqualMesh is a new hub where students, professionals and businesses can meet in the interest of sharing ideas, job opportunities and more.