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Never Get Caught Without Proof Of Onward Travel Again

Anyone who has ever been caught without proof of onward travel is going to love FlyOnward.

Can’t Keep Track Of Your Finances? Cleo Is The A.I. Assistant You Need

If personal finance has ever seemed too complicated, Cleo is the perfect help.

Idea Fortress – Is Breaking Free To Follow Your Dream In Your Vocab?

Quick, what’s the name of a historical figure beginning with the letter B? Liven up your next party with mobile word games by Idea Fortress.

Turn That Brown Thumb Green With Waterbug

Your plants will love you once you start using Waterbug to help you take care of them.

Find Awesome Marketing Opportunities With MarketingZoom

Do you have a startup or an SMB but don’t know where to advertise? MarketingZoom has you covered.

Make Slack Even More Efficient With Apps From The Slack App Directory

We know you already love Slack, but you’re about to love it even more when you check out the Slack App Directory.

Find Out What All Your Appliances Are Saying (And How Much Energy They’re Using) With Sense

Your appliances can tell you a lot — if you know how to listen. Install Sense and find out what they’re saying.

Pushdot: You’ll Never Handle A Paper Business Card Again

Paper business cards are soooo last century. Start sharing your deets with Pushdot instead!

Get Giffing On Slack The Right Way With RightGIF

If you’ve given up on GIFs in Slack because of too many “HR moments,” RightGIF is about to make your life so much better.

Table Is All About The Three Cs: Connection, Collaboration, And Communication

Yo freelancers and startup founders! Wanna connect with others in your field in a whole new way? Check out Table.