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Free Coworking Spaces For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

Hoffice addresses one of the biggest problems that remote workers face: creating a dynamic workspace when you don’t have a set office to go to every day.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

No capes! Don’t make us say it again.

This App Tells You Just How Much Less You Should Tip The Ladies

Not sure how big a tip you should leave? If your server is a woman, it should be 22% less.

Trippeo – Take Managing Expenses Off Your To-do List

From the planning stage to being reimbursed, Trippeo aims to make managing business travel and expenses incredibly easy.

Page-Out: An On-Call Availability App That’s Faster Than Texting

When lives are at stake, every second matters. That is why Carlos Fernandez Jr., cofounder of Page-Out, created a system that seamlessly updates its members with a touch of a few buttons.

Give Your Company Some Much Needed Attention With A Marketing Video By Second Light Productions

Having a marketing video is one tool that can be a game changer for any startup company.

How To Create Engaging Visual Content In Less Than 30 Seconds

Pablo is a the new quick and dirty tool from Buffer that will help you create engaging visual content for your social media campaigns.

Here’s How You Can Personalize Your Website With Little Effort

Srvd is a simple tool that adjusts the content of websites for different visitors based on their location and settings.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Quoty And Gifts Utopia

Great quotes are like small presents. They inspire us. They light up our days. They make us sound super smart in conversations. For writers, they’re an intellectual currency that often has more value than the paycheck for penning words

Time We Talk About The Rhinoceros In The Room – Backup For Cloud Files

Revert creates daily backups for all of your online files and data.