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Ready For Truly Personalized Search Results? Find What You Want With BizB

The rest of the internet is personalized, so why aren’t your search results? With BizB, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Find The Purrfect Work Companion At MAUHAUS

MAUHAUS is the ideal cafe for those who love coffee, and whose work day could always use more inspurration.

Kick That Phone Addiction With NoPhone

If you know you’re too attached to your phone, maybe it’s time to swap it out for a NoPhone.

Put Better Health In Clear View On Wellness Nova

Sick from searching endlessly to find all the healthy living info you crave? Heal at least your nerves at Wellness Nova.

You’ve Never Seen A Laptop Like NexDock Before

NexDock transforms all of your technology in ways you hadn’t even imagined.

Find A Hackathon Near You With This New App

Loving hackathons, but never hear about them until it’s too late? This app will hook you up.

Roccbox – A Foodie’s Oven Dream Come True

Your very own stone bake oven. It’s very real. It’s called Roccbox.

Wanna Steal My Outdoor Gear? Say Hello To My Little goLock

Isn’t it about time your valuable outdoor gear had an alarm? Lock down your equipment with a goLock Venture.

Meet The New Champion Sporting Goods Store – AmpleFind

Gear up properly for any and all sports at the AmpleFind online sporting goods store.

Hate Travel Planning But Love Travel? It’s Time For RueBaRue

RueBaRue is a website and app that makes planning your next trip as easy as lying on the beach!