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It’s Time To Get Real-Time Visual Insights Into Your Customers’ Behavior

Ncrease is about to blow up the whole world of social media to bring you loads of real-time social insights into your customers.

Have A Look At CloudTasks If You Really Want To See How To Get Things Done

Is managing your tasks the most unmanageable task of all? Keep your calendar organized with CloudTasks and get things done.

Your Laptop Will Definitely Be The Coolest With Glowing Stickers From tabtag

Forget those dorky startup and incubator stickers. tabtag will make you stand out from the crowd.

This Week’s Best In Beta: With INDATALY, We All Might Finally Understand SEO

If we could talk to our SEO, “give it to me straight, without much effort,” is what we would all say, right? INDATALY speaks your language.

Have A Burning Startup Question? Ask A VC!

Sometimes you just need to go right to the experts. Ask a VC your toughest startup questions, for $20.

Tasty Startups: YOURBITE Wraps Up The Debate Over Which Nutrition Bars To Eat

I’ll take my nutrition bars without zebra bone marrow and other insane ingredients, thank you very much, and have exactly – and only – what I want: YOURBITE.

Ready To Get Serious About Growing A Sales Funnel?

People rarely say they’re happy with the results of their marketing dollars. They don’t talk of sales funnels often, either. That was before Quantum Funnel.

Clear Makes Sure Your Past Won’t Bite You In The…

We all have embarrassing stuff out there on social media. Get rid of it with Clear.

Collect All The Lovely Places And Travel Plans With Spottly

Spottly is a sweet little travel app that helps you keep track of all the shiny places.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

If you can’t beat the summer heat, join us for the KillerStartups Roundup, where everyone sweltering under the startup spotlight looks much, much cooler.