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How To Decorate Your Startup Office – Even While Bootstrapping

Whether you want to blow up your logo, to plaster your walls with weird creatures, or just brighten up your space, check out Sticker Mule’s Wall Graphics.

Tired Of Wrestling The Computer To Get Your Words Right? Try Write!

At last, a “distraction-free text editor that does not suck.” Write! combines the best features of other writing tools in an elegant – and free! – package.

Are You Ready To Make Your Work Management Platform Even Better?

Your time is precious. Let GlobiFlow for Podio give you some of it back.

An App That’s Way Better Than Any Tour Guide

Urban Walks is an app that provides fully interactive, beautiful, custom-made walking tours of New York City at your fingertips.

Has Your Lead Trail Gone Cold? Here’s The Missing Clue

Hot leads placed on your desk after putting forth minimal effort – hard to put a price tag on that, right? Let LeadFuze do the work for you.

When The Mentor Becomes The Mentee: What I’ve Learned From My Mentor Relationship

The mentee must be willing to learn and grow for the mentor to be able to provide effective guidance, but the mentor can glean a lot from mentorship, too.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

It’s the weekly roundup! Here’s a KillerStartups nod to the companies that let us go on behaving like ourselves (but a tad more efficiently and creatively).

Local RankWatch Makes Sure Your SMB Is Discoverable

Local RankWatch is a great way to make sure that your business doesn’t get lost on the second page of those Google local results.

5 Ways To Turn Your Customers Into Your Best Advocates

The main people talking about your products are your customers – why not give them something nice to say? Here’s how to turn them into your best advocates.

A Simple & Powerful Hack For Healthier Eating – Make Every Calorie Count

FoodCount is a calorie counter with a many attractive features that make tracking what you eat and planning your meals to achieve dietary goals much easier.