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How Many Kiwis Is A Great Photo Worth?

Kiwipik lets users share pictures anonymously with people around them, and the pics with the most kiwis get added to the “best” section.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Fun & Games – and Funding!

Mobile + social + highly engaged community. Hot, hot, hot. Easy to understand why would be pegged as the next big thing in the gaming industry.

How To Boost User Engagement And Build Community

How’s that commenting system working out for you? ‘Cause we’ve got a better one.

Do You Know What Your Customer Is Thinking?

Knowing what your customer is thinking is the key to success to your startup and it’s time you got a good system in place to collect feedback.

Tasty Startups: Beware Of The Next Cereal Killer

A new trend in the startup world is troubling us at KS. There are cereal killers on the loose, folks.

Your Emails? Yeah, They Need Some Editing…

Are you ready to sound even smarter than you are? Wordzen is a Gmail app powered by real live editors for your email.

You’re Never Stuck In The Mud As Long As You’ve Visited Web OffRoad

If you’ve ever dreamt of turning your flatbed into a vehicle that would make Batman jealous, Web Offroad is where you should shop.

This Might Be The Best Way To Strike Up A Convo In A Cafe

Besides the fact that the startup world seems to almost have a fetish for whiteboards, my favorite thing about DrawAttention is actually the fact that it encourages interaction between people in places where interaction has dropped.

KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Free international voice calls, a web publishing platform with a keen eye on monetizing, networks with lasting connections… it’s the weekly roundup!

The Real Insiders Are About To Rule The Music Scene – Indiepush

It’s a great time to be a music fan and an independent musician. There’s just one hitch: discovery.