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It Was A Dark And Stormy… No, No, No. Time For A Better Enterprise Cloud Story

Ostrato’s software puts companies back in control of their cloud infrastructure.

You’re Developers, Not Illusionists. Show ‘em Amazing Prototypes

Even better than the real thing – a prototype that wows.

Tapiture Is The Better-Than-Pinterest For Men

Tapiture nails the three Cs: Content, Community, and Commerce.

This New Social Network Wants People With Disabilities To Share Their Journeys

Journey is a special place online for folks dealing with some really hard stuff to meet, socialize, and get advice.

This Week’s Best In Beta: Uncord And BankMobile

File streaming & banking this week. No fees and no strings attached.

Create Beautiful, Usable Color Palettes From Anything

The Sip Color app from Olá Brothers is a fun way to get color inspiration from anything your camera sees.

Are Your Company’s Ideas And Communications Safe From Hackers?

Most collaboration/communication platforms are hackable. Witkit isn’t.

Tasty Startups: Brewie – Now The Internet Of Things Is Really Hopping

Make craft beer at home with the push of a button.

5 Tips For Getting A Lower Interest Rate With Alternative Lenders

by Daniel Wesley   For small business owners and entrepreneurs, trying...

It’s Time To Retire That Smelly Gym Bag

And replace it with a perfect new one from Fitmark Bags.