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Qrawd – Discover What Event Buzz Is Truly All About

Uninspired by event discovery apps that leave you on the sideline wondering what it’s like to be there? Experience local happenings in real-time with Qrawd.

FavorBank, Where Your Good Deeds Are Worth More Than Money

Need a favor? Who doesn’t? Request help and earn favor points for helping others, on FavorBank.

Legal Marketplace Should I Sign Will Change The Legal World Through Trust And Ease

Who says finding legal help should be easy, and billing transparent? Legal marketplace Should I Sign.

Firedrop – Create Websites Automatically

Ever wish that your website would build and maintain itself? Firedrop is your (personal A.I. web designer) dream come true.

Festival Joy – Find Music Events Anywhere

No clue where to begin finding out about music festivals? Discover events easily by searching on Festival Joy.

Coffeepass – Who Knew Online Dating Could Be This Friendly?

Have your experiences with online dating apps left you disappointed, feeling even more alone? There’s a friendlier, more social way to connect. It’s called Coffeepass.

Heroes – An Easy Way To Uberfy Your Business

On-demand. It’s not just for taxis anymore. Find or sell any on-demand service, on Heroes.

Find The Perfect Sweaty Partner (Personal Trainer) Via Pummel

Stuck guessing that your fitness routine is right for you? Pummel will connect you with your perfect personal trainer and fitness pros.

Flavorit Spices Restaurant Discovery With Friendsourcing

Do restaurant guides, food bloggers, and the ratings of strangers give you indigestion? Flavorit will improve your health by helping you discover great places based on the recommendations of friends.

Amen! RocoCPM Helps Churches Manage Projects

When it comes to project management, churches have needed some divine intervention. It’s arrived in the form of software: RocoCPM.